How to Litter Train a Kitten

Kitten Litter Training

Training Your Kitten to Use a Litter Box Whether this is your first kitten or the latest addition, each kitten is different when it comes to litter training. Knowing the basics of kitten litter training and how to adjust your kitten to her new box can make potty training your cat less stressful and time…

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A Guide to Cat Pregnancy

It has been said that cats can sense pregnancy in humans, but can we sense when our cats are pregnant? Whether you are wanting to breed your cat, have an unexpected cat pregnancy, or are simply wondering how cat pregnancies work, this guide on cat pregnancy can help. Understanding how cats get pregnant, what a…

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Cat Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

A cat flopping on a stool

Oh no! Your cat has been making a lot of trips to the litter box to pee lately, and now they’re straining and crying out when they urinate. Maybe they’ve even become frightened of the litter box and started peeing on your carpet! These are all red flags that may lead to concerns that your…

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Do Not Give These Harmful Foods To Your Cat

Cat getting treat from owner

You love your cat. At The Vet on 4th, we understand how owners feel about their feline fur babies because we are cat-lovers ourselves. The way you feel about your fur baby can make it difficult to resist slipping a special treat into her food or saving scraps from the table. But before you feed…

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