Constipation in Dogs: Causes and Treatment

Constipated Dog

Signs Your Dog is Constipated The signs of constipation in dogs are typically what you would expect and are similar to what we experience as humans. You may notice your dog hasn’t gone in a while or is struggling to go when he is trying to defecate. The most common and obvious signs your dog…

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Cushing’s Syndrome in Dogs

What is Cushing’s Syndrome? If you’ve heard of Cushing’s Syndrome or Cushing’s Disease, you may be wondering just exactly what it is. Cushing’s Syndrome is a disease that can be found in both dogs and cats, even humans. It is more common in dogs than cats and has become a more increasingly popular disease dogs…

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How to Tell if Your Dog Has a Fever

Can dogs get fevers? Yes, they can. Whether you notice your dog is a little under the weather or acting unusual, you may be wondering if your dog is sick. Dogs can get fevers for a number of reasons. Usually they are fighting off an infection of some sort or they are having a bad…

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5 Common Dog Skin Conditions Pet Owners Should Be Aware Of

Does my dog have a skin condition? If you notice any changes to your dog’s skin or fur and see him in discomfort, your furry friend may be suffering from a skin condition. Identifying which skin condition your dog has can be difficult due to the number of possible skin problems and the similar symptoms…

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5 Signs Your Dog is Overheating

It’s summertime, and with that comes hotter temperatures. Did you know that your dog can get overheated too? What’s different about dogs is that they have a harder time cooling their bodies off than humans do. Knowing the signs of overheating in your dog, ways to quickly cool your dog down, and how you can…

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When Should You Take Your Dog to the Vet?

Dog at Vet

Pet owners face important decisions about the care of their pet, including everything from the food to offer, what kind of treats should be off-limits, and how much exercise they need. One question that many pet owners struggle with is when to take their dog to the vet.  Some err towards the side of caution…

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Pain Relief for Dogs: What Can I Give Them

Sick Dog

Dog owners would love for their four-legged family members to be able to talk for all kinds of reasons, and one of those reasons is so that their dog could tell them when something was wrong. Even if it’s clear a dog is in pain, it still difficult to pinpoint where that pain is coming…

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What is Kennel Cough in Dogs? Symptoms & Treatments

A labrador rest his face on his paws

Why Is My Dog Coughing? It can be tough to know if your pet is really sick. Just because your dog is coughing, it doesn’t always mean he or she is sick. It’s normal for dogs to cough occasionally, because they’re sniffing, licking, and panting all the time, which causes them to breath in dust…

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How To Encourage Your Dog’s Positive Behavior

Dog training

When you bought or adopted your dog, you may have imagined a Lassie situation, but ended up with more of a Marley and Me. Even if you find your dog’s antics amusing, there are times when it’s important that you’re able to control him.  Inexperienced dog owners may not know the best way to go…

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Common Reasons Dogs Lick Their Paws

dog licking paws

Being a pet owner causes you to say things those without furry family members will never utter such as: “Did you eat my shoes?” “Get the cat’s head out of your mouth!” “Stop licking your paws!” While you don’t need to call a vet for the first two examples on that list, the third could…

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