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Do Not Give These Harmful Foods To Your Cat

You love your cat. At The Vet on 4th, we understand how owners feel about their…

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Do Not Give These Harmful Foods To Your Cat

You love your cat. At The Vet on 4th, we understand how owners feel about their feline fur babies because we are cat-lovers ourselves. The way you feel about your fur baby can make it difficult to resist slipping a special treat into her food or saving scraps from the table. But before you feed your cat something from your plate, think carefully about the impact it could have on the health of your fur baby. There are a number of seemingly harmless foods that are actually quite dangerous for your cat. Below is a list of seven foods that are bad for cats that you should explore. 




Cats are one of the cutest creatures alive – as evidenced by the seemingly countless number of cute cat videos online. Some of the videos are of cats doing funny things and showing their personality. In an effort to post the latest viral funny cat video you may wonder, ‘Can my cat drink alcohol?’ While the thought of a drunk cat may sound funny, it is actually very dangerous to give your cat alcohol. Even a small amount of alcohol can cause serious problems like liver damage, brain damage, coma, and death. 


Onions and Garlic


Onions and garlic may seem like relatively safe foods to keep around but they are both dangerous for your cat. Onions can break down red blood cells in cats and lead to anemia. Garlic can cause your cat stomach pain and discomfort. Onions and garlic pose the biggest threat when they are consumed regularly by your cat. 




Chocolate is well-known for being dangerous for dogs to ingest. If you are asking yourself, ‘Can my cat eat chocolate?’ the answer is no. As with dogs, chocolate is a bad food for cats and is not a safe snack or special treat. Chocolate can cause heart problems, muscle tremors, seizures, and potentially death if your cat consumes too much. All of these issues are related to a substance called theobromine that is found in all varieties of chocolate. 


Raisins and Grapes


Eating raisins and grapes can lead to kidney problems for your cat. Never add these items to your cat’s food or offer them as a treat to your feline friend. 


Fat trimmings


Many animal owners make it a habit of saving the fat trimmings from meals for their pets but never stop to ask, ‘Can my cat eat fat trimmings?’ The answer to this one is no, your cat cannot eat fat trimmings. Fat trimmings are a bad food for cats because they can cause them to have an upset stomach that comes with vomiting and diarrhea. Eating fat trimmings can also inflame the pancreas and lead to a whole host of other problems.  




If you let your cat eat leftovers from the table, be sure and remove any bones. Bones can choke your cat and sharp points can cause damage to her digestive system. Always make sure there are no bones in the food that your cat consumes. 


Raw Eggs


Eating raw eggs can have some serious consequences for your cat. Egg whites have a protein in them that can prevent cats from absorbing a B vitamin called biotin. A lack of biotin can lead to skin problems and other serious issues for your cat. Raw eggs can also put your cat at risk for bacteria like E.coli and salmonella. 


The safest route when it comes to feeding your cat is to stick with foods that are designed for cats. We understand that it is difficult to say no to those pleading eyes but, ultimately, you will keep your cat safe and healthy by not sharing your dinner. 


Emergency Care at The Vet on 4th


We can discuss your fur baby’s individual dietary needs and let you know what is safe to eat when you visit us for a routine appointment, but if your cat consumes any of these foods and you suspect she may be sick, contact The Vet on 4th right away. Our team of veterinary professionals offers Emergency Veterinary Care services from our clinic in Longview, TX.