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Finding the Perfect Feline: Best Cat Breeds to Fit Your Lifestyle

Are you thinking about bringing a cat into your home but are unsure which cat breed…

Bright eyed house cat laying on floor.

Finding the Perfect Feline: Best Cat Breeds to Fit Your Lifestyle

Are you thinking about bringing a cat into your home but are unsure which cat breed is best for your lifestyle? Whether you’re looking for cat breeds for beginners, cat breeds for kids, or cat breeds for dog owners, there are some more likely than others to fit smoothly into your home. If you or your family struggles with allergies, you can also check out our guide to the best cat breeds for people with allergies.

We’ve put together a list of the best breeds for:

  • First Time Cat Owners
  • Families with Kids
  • Dog Owners
  • Busy Professionals

The Best Breeds For First Time Cat Owners

Getting a cat for the first time is exciting. You probably envision snuggling with your new best friend and being greeted by friendly meowing after work. Some cats are more likely than others to provide that kind of interaction, so here are a couple of the best cat breeds for first time cat owners. 

American Short Hair
These cats are low maintenance, affectionate, and have a longer-than-average lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Those attributes work together to make the American Shorthair one of the best cat breeds for beginners. 

If you’d like an unusual pick for your first cat—or are allergic to cat hair—consider the Sphynx. They are hairless, which is a perk as there will be no cat hair to clean up, and they are very loving. Sphynx cats also live up to 20 years, so you’ll enjoy the company of your hairless companion for a long time.

The Best Cats For Families with Kids

Here are examples of breeds that are good for kids—but keep in mind that no cat is going to appreciate having their ears and tails pulled, so it’s important to teach kids how to properly treat and respect a cat.

It’s hard not to love a Himalayan, and this affectionate cat will love you right back. They cherish their naps, but are often up for some playtime with the kids. 

This breed is easier to handle than some others and may be more forgiving of being unintentionally carried in a lopsided way by a well-meaning child. Their patient nature helps them fit in with both kids and dogs. 

The Best Cats For Dog Owners

Is it time to add a cat or two to your canine pack? These examples of the best cat breeds for dog owners give you a good chance of a smooth transition into a mixed pet household. 

Ragdoll cats are big (up to 20 pounds), playful, and vocal. Many owners report that their Ragdoll engages in play with the family dog. 

Another very vocal cat, Siamese fit nicely into almost any household. They are playful and loving, and many have no problem being affectionate with dogs as well as humans. 

NOTE: It’s typically more important to make sure your dog is compatible with cats rather than the other way around. If a dog is cat-aggressive, he’s not going to care which breed you get. If you’re not sure whether your dog will be friendly with a cat, ask your vet for advice.

Best Cats For Busy Professionals

If you’re gone all day, cats are a far superior choice than dogs, but not all cats are well-suited to being left alone a lot. Here are a few that check all the right boxes for people who work a lot of hours.

Maine Coon
The perfect mix of snuggler and independence can often be found in a Maine Coon. They will be perfectly content enjoying their alone time while you’re at work and will relish some couch time with their humans at the end of the day.

A place to enjoy super long naps and a few toys to bat around are usually all it takes to keep this rather lazy—but beautiful—breed happy. 

Norwegian Forest Cat
If you love the idea of a bigger cat, consider this breed. They weigh in at between 10 and 20 pounds. Their independent nature makes them ideal for professionals who work long hours.

Don’t Forget the Rescue Cats!

One type of cat that could easily fit into every category is the rescue cat. Shelter and rescue organizations around the country have beautiful animals with every type of personality you can imagine. Explain your lifestyle to the adoption coordinator, and they can help to match you with the perfect pet. 

Another fun way to find your feline best friend is by checking to see if there is a cat café in your area. These are typically a coffee shop setting with adoptable cats roaming around and interacting with guests. 

Whether you get your cat from a breeder or save a life by adopting, remember that bringing a cat into your family is a commitment you make for the cat’s lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to choose wisely rather than bringing home the first cute cat you see. 

Once you do find the ideal cat, The Vet on Fourth is here to help you keep her healthy. Make an appointment for an initial visit and we’ll get your cat started on the road to a long and happy life.