Ways You Can Unintentionally Make Your Dog or Cat Sick

white house cat and white dog relaxing

One of the most difficult parts of getting sick with a cold or a virus is dealing with the fear of spreading the illness to those you love. You may need help in the process of getting better but it is difficult to think about the risk of spreading it to your loved ones. For…

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Finding the Perfect Feline: Best Cat Breeds to Fit Your Lifestyle

Bright eyed house cat laying on floor.

Are you thinking about bringing a cat into your home but are unsure which cat breed is best for your lifestyle? Whether you’re looking for cat breeds for beginners, cat breeds for kids, or cat breeds for dog owners, there are some more likely than others to fit smoothly into your home. If you or…

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Is Pricey Pet Food Worth the Cost?

411 on Pet Food

  Your pet is part of your family, so naturally you want to do what you can to keep them healthy and happy—and that includes feeding them an appropriate diet. Prices of available pet food vary from a few dollars a bag to well over $100 a bag for very high-end or prescription diets. If…

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Same Drug, Different Animal: Why Human Meds Won’t Work?

cat and dog lounging around

When your pets are hurting, it’s understandable to search in a variety of places for relief. Cats and dogs experience pain like any other mammal, even down to aching joints in old age. It’s recommended however to provide your pet with only dog medicine or cat medicine prescribed by a veterinary care professional. In other…

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The Life Expectancy of Indoor Cats

cat looking up

Good news for cat lovers: Cats are living longer lives than ever thanks to better nutrition and advances in medical care. So just how long do indoor cats live? The short answer, according to the ASPCA, is 13 to 17 years. That’s the average for all cats kept indoors, but there are many variables that…

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Which Dog Breed Makes the Best House Pet?

bullmastiff puppy

Thinking about getting a dog? Pets add so much love and fun (and responsibility!) to a home, but it’s important to choose the right dog. More than three million dogs enter shelters each year, and many of those are surrendered because they weren’t a good fit for their household. That’s never the dog’s fault, and…

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3 Signs Your Dog is Sick

sad dog

When you love your dogs like family it can be heartbreaking when they get sick. A sick dog that does not feel well will not act like its normal self. In order to provide your pup with the best possible care, you need to have a general understanding of the signs that could point to…

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Best Cats for People With Allergies

Allergies can hold you back from fully enjoying many aspects of life, including pets. If you are prone to suffer from allergies, it can be extremely challenging to choose a pet cat fits your lifestyle. Fortunately, there are some animals that produce less allergens than others and can often be enjoyed by people who typically…

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Which Dog Breeds Don’t Shed?

If you are on the search for a new dog for your family, you probably have a list of traits you want in the perfect dog. Finding a dog with a personality and energy level that fits in with your lifestyle is important, but another trait that you may want in a dog is a…

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Do Not Give These Toxic Foods to Your Dog

dog sniffing cookies on table

When your sweet canine friend is by your feet begging for a bite of your dinner, it can be tempting to slip him something. After all, how much harm can a little taste really do? When it comes to giving your dog human food, there are times when sharing can be very dangerous. If you…

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